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JULY: Mercer County, OH Real Estate Market Recap

By: Brandon Arling 8/11/23

July sticks with a pattern of slow inventory decrease that has continued since the first interest rate hikes of August of 2022. However, this should be interpreted only as an exercise of caution from sellers before listing their homes.

Overall inventories remain very low with about 2 months worth in Mercer County. Compare that to the roughly 4.5 months worth of average inventory in the "pre-pandemic" time, and it confirms that we are still very much in a sellers market, which has contributed to sellers continuing to get at or above asking price.

If you are considering selling, or interested in buying your first home but are worried about the current real estate climate, let me help you work through your situation. Give me a call to see if we can create something to fit your specific needs, (567) 644-4851.

I will provide you with objective, factual, and data-driven advice.

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