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How Online Auctions Work

Do not be overwhelmed if this is your first time participating in an online auction.  This basic overview will you provide you with the knowledge you need to bid with confidence.

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Getting Registered

Registering to bid with Arling Auctioneers is quick and easy. You only have to do it once. Simply click on "Sign Up"  and input the necessary information.  Once registered with an account, you can request to bid in any of our available online auctions. 


Choose An Auction To Bid In

Once you have found an auction you would like to bid in, select the "Request To Bid" button.  Acceptance should be immediate, and you will be free to bid.


Identify Buyers Premium

A buyers premium is a percentage added to the total sale price of the item.  It is important to locate and know what the buyers premium is before/when bidding so you have awareness how much your total bill will be at the end of the auction.


Placing Your Bid

When bidding on a lot, you can place a bid in one of three ways. You can place your bid, and it will increase the bid at the next increment value. You can input a maximum bid, which will bid incrementally for you up to your desired amount. Or the third option, you can input a higher value and opt to raise the bid to that amount. 


How To Pay

After you have purchased one or more items on auction, you will receive an invoice via email.  Return to Arling Auctioneers Online Auctions page and select the "Make Payment Now" button. Follow the prompts and pay via credit card.


Picking Up My Items

After you have purchased one or more items on an auction, you will receive an email from:  / Simultaneously you will get a text message with the same information.  From here you will select a time slot to pick up your items from the pick up location, or to have your items shipped to your home.  NOTE: Shipping is not free.  Item pick up will not be permitted prior to or after the designated item pick up period.

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If you have questions on the process or want more information, please reach out to Brandon.

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